The Civil code for Everyone

The Civil Code for Everyone


 The Rabbit’s Reader

A seven-part educative TV series, each episode covering about 3 minutes The cartoon contains poetry of Czech poets of 19th Century (not necessarily only those … Read more


 The Story of Milky the Imp

Script: Milada Sukdoláková, Lubomír Dušek Director: Milada Sukdoláková

Thirteen fairy-tales from weird and eerie woods full of traps, pitfalls, surprise but also good-natured helpers. The first part tells us about how the Imp … Read more


 The princess from the hat mountains

Script: Lubomír Dušek Director: Milada Sukdoláková

The animated bed-time series of cartoons for children (Czech TV production) was made on the basis of a combination of 2D technology with facet  and … Read more

koncert 28a kopie


Script: Milada Sukdoláková, Lubomír Dušek Director: Milada Sukdoláková

The Serial Cartoon Story „SOS-Men“. The seven-part serial story for both children and their parents is about how to avoid trouble when rowing on a … Read more




 Europe: A Trip through Time

Script: Milada Sukdoláková, Lubomír Dušek Director: Milada Sukdoláková

The Owl of Athens comments on the history of Europe. It invites children for a trip through time  so that they could see the most … Read more

Železná opona 01

 The End of the Iron Curtain

Script: Lubomír Dušek, Milada Sukdoláková Director: Milada Sukdoláková

The animated cartoon is supposed to be a part of educative schedule for school children (age 6-10). The film was produced on the basis of … Read more



Luboš Dušek



Míša Sukdoláková

ZahradníkThe Garderer


Bohdan Dušek

ilustrace Isaac Bashevis Singer  Tajbele a démoniA book-illustration (Isaac Bashevis Singer: Tajbele and the Demons)


O autorech

Luboš Dušek

Born 14th December 1951 in Prague He works as a graphic artist, makes book illustrations and graphic art designs for film cartoons. Education: Graduated from … Read more


Míša Sukdoláková

Born 28th May 1956 in Prague She works as a graphic artist, screenplay writer and director of animated films (cartoons) Education: Graduated from Academy of … Read more


Bohdan Dušek

Born 9th October 1981 1997-2003 Venceslav Hollar School of Art He studies  at  the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design of Prague, makes book illustrations … Read more



Studio: Papírenská 115/7 16000 Praha 6 Bubeneč tel: 774 611 766 E-mail: Milada Sukdoláková Lubomír Dušek

O studiu

 About Studio

The Seven Rock Studio was founded in 1998; originally it was conceived as an execution place for projects by Milada Sukdoláková and Luboš Dušek. Later on projects TV spots, key signatures by other authors were executed in the Studio as well.

We collaborate with experienced cartoon-film makers, such as Mrs. Alena Meissnerová, the DAMU (Czech Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) graduate with professional background from her long-standing practice in the Krátký Film Company; also with Mrs. Xenie Vavrečková who has gained reputation as an animator of Jan Švankmajer´s cartoon-film The Castle of Otranto, and who also took part at the animation of the cartoon-film The Rat-Catcher by Jiří Bárta.

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