The End of the Iron Curtain

The animated cartoon is supposed to be a part of educative schedule for school children (age 6-10). The film was produced on the basis of a combination of 2D technology with facet  and drawing animation  technology. The project was supported by a grant from the funds of Government of the Czech Republic and the European Affairs Information Department.

We see a little girl with her parents who flee from totalitarian Czechoslovakia across the heavily watched and guarded frontier line. The girl is carrying with her the only toy: a puppet named „Piddizhveek“ (such toys, made of plastic textile  fabric used to be sold in Czechoslovakia in 1970s). They manage to get across the barbed-wire fence to the free world, however, the girl’s toy got caught by the barbed wires. The toy „Piddizhveek“, caught in the frontier wires, strangely survives up to these days.

A group of children goes to the woods to pick mushrooms. By chance they come across the remnants of the frontier barbed-wire fence. They do not know about how Europe was split up into two parts, they have never heard about totalitarian regimes. The „Piddizhveek“ starts talking to them and it explains what the Iron Curtain was and what  were the lives like of the people forced to live behind it.