The Story of Milky the Imp

Thirteen fairy-tales from weird and eerie woods full of traps, pitfalls, surprise but also good-natured helpers. The first part tells us about how the Imp of the Woods got his strange name, how he made friends with a village boy named Kuba (i. e. Jim), and ho he helped the boy to win against the old witch

The parts 1-7 were made in U Sedmi Skal Film Studio by Krátký Film Praha, a.s.; they were made for the purposes of Czech TV.

The parts 8-13 were made in and by U Sedmi Skal Film Studio for the purposes of Czech TV.

1/ The Birth of the Imp

The old Witch got a Magic Coat, a Whistle, and a Golden Twig from the devils.. The Imp of the Woods was born from the Magic Coat. The Imp makes friends with the village boy Kuba who gives him his name.

2/ The Notorious Housewife

The Witch enchanted Kuba’s mom and, pretending to be a distant relative, she intruded into their house. She treats Kuba badly and wants to get power over Milky the Imp who took away her Whistle from the woods.

3/ The Crone’s Bargaining

All the animals in the farm help Kuba. However, the Witch takes them to town to sell them in the marketplace. Luckily, the Imp’s spell works against her plans and she manages to sell none of the animals. The angry merchants drive the Witch out of the town and the animals come back to the farm.

4/ The Stump

The Witch conjures fairies out of the Magic Coat and tells them to dance with Kuba and the crofter Bohouš in the woods – until they die. However, Bohouš is too stupid and clumsy to be able to dance properly. He tramples the fairies’ feet down and the crone, getting angry with him, turns him into an old stump. Kuba, assisted by Milky the Imp, take the stump to t he village and make Bohouš out of it again.

5/ The Mushrooms

Kuba and Milky the Imp go to pick mushrooms. The Witch ‘s magic makes them get to the deep forest. The Imp lets one of the mushrooms grow up immensely, so that they can have a look round the country from its hat. The Witch sends devils to catch both friends, but after a wild chase Kuba and the Imp manage to flee from them

6/ The Castle of Devils

Kuba is lured by a will-o’-the-wisp and leaves his friend Milky behind. deep in the forest the Witch turns Kuba into a skittle fit for the devils’ skittle-ground. Milky the Imp looks for his friend and at last finds him with other spell-bound people in the underground cellar of the Castle. When fighting the Witch the Imp breaks her evil magic, but himself is turned into a log.

7/ The End of the Witch

The Witch tries once again to catch the boy Kuba by her magic tricks and spells. However, the spring water of a forest brook breaks the power of the witch’s Magic Coat, brings the Imp back to life and sets free other spell-bound people that were under the Witch ‘s control. The witch is rid of her power in this world and the devils take her to hell.

8/ The Black Water

In Hell, the Witch ‘s punishment is to do the washing for the devils. She takes all the devils’ dirty linen, flies out of Hell back to the Earth and forces Kuba to do the washing instead of her. The Imp enchants the devils’ linen – so that it could fight against the Witch itself. Finally, Milky sends the Witch with the Hell’s dirt back to Hell with the help of his Magic Grinder.

9/ The Brooms

The Witch has to sweep the floor in Hell. Her broom breaks down when she dances with it wildly. The Witch turns herself into an old twisted willow and returns to the Earth. Kuba and Milky carry the willow with its wicker on their wheelbarrow to the village. When in the village, the Witch turns all the brooms into soldiers and sends them to get Kuba and the Imp. Milky moves forward the belfry clock hands and the perplexed crone disappears in Hell again.

10/ The Nuts of the Black Rock

The Witch is to make dinner for the devils. She uses her witchcraft and by a chance she manages to acquire a great power. She wants to get magical nuts that were picked by Kuba and Milky just before she could get to them. She animates the stones in the woods and sends them to catch Kuba and Milky. In the very last moment an angel emerges from a rock and saves both friends from the demons.

11/ The Horse-Shoe

The Witch wants Beelzebub himself for her man. However, Beelzebub makes excuses under the pretext of a lost horse-shoe which had just been taken by Kuba and Milky to the village smith Joe. The Witch is afraid of the smith and so under her spell the whole smithy sinks into hell. After a struggle Milky and the smith manage to get the smithy back to the Earth again.

12/ The Horn-Plant

To impress Beelzebub the Witch wants to have the devils’ horns. First she wants to steal them from animals, next she tries the wooden ones on. Milky turns himself into a wood-pie and gives the Witch advice: she should try the „Horn-Plant“ that grows on the bottom of a deep forest gorge. Having eaten it, the Witch finds huge deer antlers on her head. She has to break them off to be able to get out of the gorge.

13/ The Crone and the Fountain

Kuba and Milky have cleaned the fountain in a forest glade. The glade soon revives and comes into leaf. This displeases the Witch who wants to turn the glade into wasteland and celebrate her nuptials with Beelzebub there. Now both our friends, supported by forest animals, direct their effort at the fight with the Witch. The water returns to the glade and takes the Witch far away from this country.