The princess from the hat mountains

The animated bed-time series of cartoons for children (Czech TV production) was made on the basis of a combination of 2D technology with facet  and drawing animation  technology .The cartoon is supposed to have small children for viewers (3-6 years of age).

The benign wizard brings a rabbit to the princess who lives on Hat Hill. The rabbit and the princess immediately take a fancy to each other and become very good friends. There is a castle inhabited by two dwarfs named Kazounek and Pošťucha („Thwarter“ and „Jolly“). The dwarfs heckle the rabbit until he kicks the ball high up the sky – never to fall back on the earth. The princess and the rabbit set forth to search for the ball.  The wizard wants to help them and he conjures a magical spaceship for them. However, Kazounek and Pošťucha who join them on their expedition mix things up  and do malice as usual – and delay the return to the Hat Mountains. At last, with the help of the benign wizard, all of them get back home happily.

names of parts are situated below the gallery

The names of the parts of the series:

A Journey to the Hat Hills

On the Planet of Shoes

Board Game Ludo, Instant

A Magical Pea

A Luck-Bringing Little Tooth

The Pirates and Little Hermits

The Way Home

A Sombrero Fairy Tale

A  Bobble Hat Fairy Tale

A Bird Hat Fairy Tale

Fairy Lamp Feast

A Musical Hat Fairy Tale

A Flower Hat