The Serial Cartoon Story „SOS-Men“. The seven-part serial story for both children and their parents is about how to avoid trouble when rowing on a boat down the river, when climbing in the mountains, when making suntanning, when cycling, or even at a rock-concert. We follow the funny and thrilling incidents and episodes of Sasha, Ondra, Sam, and their friend Hare who usually plots marvellous adventures for his human friends, and then tries as much as he can to help them survive the adventures without being hurt or wounded. The dangerous situations are, of course, only the „mock ones“, but the Hare’s advice which follows when they are over is precise and comprehesible for children. Through the means of an animated film they can learn easily how to avoid various accidents, how not to burst into panic and how to be able to help oneself and others as well.

Down by the River

In this part, Sasha, Ondra, and Sam are taken to the river by the Hare – to try out rowing. However, the boys do not care much about the principles of security which are to be kept  when doing water sports and Ondra almost gets drowned when going down the river and trying to overcome a weir. Luckily, the Hare is always at hand. He rescues Ondra from the water and demonstrates the principles of  artificial respiration from mouth to mouth for the children.

The Polar Adventure

This time the Hare and the children set off towards the North Pole on a snowmobile. He shows them how to be well-equipped when facing severe frosts and winds, but then he himself runs too much risk, when trying to escape from a blizzard, and the four adventurers get into trouble: they have to build  themselves a makeshift shelter. Sasha’s fingers are badly frozen through, and so when they are found in the safe place, the Hare shows her how to deal with chilblains and frostbites.

A Trip to the Mountains

In this part the children, accompanied by their friend Hare, make a hike in high mountains. They are caught by a storm there and, moreover, Sasha being careless and incautious, falls down a rock. The Hare organizes the rescue operation, and shows the children how to fixate fractures and how to call for the First Aid Service.

A Hot Day

On a hot summer vacation day the children make a bicycle trip. Their friend Hare has to supply them with the appropriate equipment, and moreover, he also shows them how to prevent heatstrokes, sunstrokes, and sunburns when making a hike in a true wild desert.

Great Concert

how to behave in the middle of a crowd, faintness, indirect cardiac massage

A good servant, but a bad master

the principles of  wildfire extinguishing in initial phases, the treatment of burn injuries…

Do not jump into the glasshouse

how to treat persons with bleeding wounds…